All prices of products in the online store include VAT. 24%. Prices are subject to change without notice and are valid from the time they appear in the online store. Of course, in the case of an order, the price of the product, as it was set when the order was registered, applies to the customer who placed the order and any change does not affect him until it is received. The prices of the online store may differ from those of the physical store.



    Registered users can place an online order in our store or unregistered users, who will however be registered when placing the order. After submitting your order online, a representative of our store will contact you by phone to confirm your order. You can also place your orders over the phone. If you choose to pay by bank deposit, your order will be held for 48 hours (the weekend is not included in the order holding period). Within these 48 hours the customer must make the payment for his order, otherwise after the end of this period the order is automatically canceled and will have to be made again. However, in this case the store is not bound nor does it bear any responsibility in the event that your order will no longer be available due to unavailability of the product. Upon placing your order and if deposit to a bank account has been selected as the payment method, you will automatically be sent an informative email with the numbers of the cooperating banks, in order to deposit the total amount of your order. As soon as you deposit the amount and confirmation is made by the accounting department, your order will be immediately forwarded.


    In case of choosing to pay by cash on delivery, a charge of €3.50 (including VAT) applies universally and regardless of the cost of your order. Your order will be sent via ELTA COURIER to the address you indicated to us during your order.



It is the sole responsibility of the customer to make sure that the specifications of the products he buys meet and cover his needs.

In the event that any of the products you ordered is not immediately available, we will inform you via email or phone about the expected delivery time and will recommend corresponding products.




The guarantees do not cover physical damage or incorrect assembly/use/installation/operation of the product by the customer. Special ATTENTION is needed, as the warranty terms may differ from product to product. Do not hesitate to contact us to give you more information about the guarantees that come with any item you are interested in.



The store is willing to accept the return of the product, exchange it for another one of your choice, grant you a credit for the amount of the value of the product that you will be able to use against another purchase from the store. Before returning the product, you should contact our store, having the following information available: Customer name, date and number of original sales document, code or serial number of the product and the reason for return or a description of the problem. The total cost of shipping / return (to and from) is borne entirely by the customer. The returned product must be in its original packaging, with all included materials and with the original sales receipt.




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